Wells Services

Oil Well Services

Civi Land Company offers a full range of services in the field of drilling, casing running and well workover services. We are ready to provide high-quality drilling of vertical, directional and horizontal exploration and development oil and gas wells, sidetracking, as well as completion and testing of exploration wells, well capping services.

We are proud of our employees of highly qualified professionals with wide knowledge and experience of drilling oil and gas wells, as well as providing workover services for all types of wells.


Industrial well services for petroleum industry (oil & gas operations – drilling & work over activities), power plant supporting system and pipe lines supports for river crossing, civil works, water supply projects purposes including:

  • Engineering, procurement & construction
  • Well design
  • Drilling & cementing operation services by owned rigs, equipment, experts & human resources.
  • Projects visibility studies.


Water well services for agricultural purposes:
Design, procurement & construction

  • Survey of oset wells & gathering all information nearby new location.
  • Regional track records of well’s behaviors.
  • Well design (Casing design, ESP design,Production tubing design).
  • Drilling & work over services (by owned rigs, equipment, experts & human resources).
  • Test pumping of the water wells according to British standards BS 316-1992 has been supersede by, BS ISO 14686 : 2003.
  • Testing of water quality according to WHO standards & client requirements.
  • Commissioning of the wells.
  • Trouble shooting services of ESP.
  • Work over services (pulling & running in hole ESP, remedy of ESP & panels, changing of damaged tubing, fishing operations, well cleaning).



A-Bored piles using drilling fluid system / Bentonite system (drilled piers, cast-in- situ piles). B-Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles. Hollow stemmed continuous flight auger pile to the required depth or degree of soil resistance. No Bentonite slurry is used.


Secant piles (secant pipe wall services) Embedded retaining walls by constructing intersecting reinforced concrete piles, the piles are reinforced with either steel rebar or with steel beams.


In wet lands both monitoring wells & Piezometers are used for quantitative information for shallow hydrologic regimes of wet land and adjacent uplands.

The services include:

  • Ground water well specifications and construction
  • Well construction regulation.
  • Constructing a monitoring wells.
  • Building a monitoring wells.
  • Wells Abandonment.
  • Steady radial flow to wells.


Water Disposal / Water Associated with Oil / Injection Wells Profile
Saline Water produced from RO systems / disposal water / water associated with oil in production facilities & degassing stations facilities or Oily waste
management system needed to be injected in certain depth / horizons / beds / formations including:

  • Projects visibility studies.
  • Engineering, procurement & construction
  • Well design.
  • Injection System [oil skimming, pumping system & all mechanical, electrical & control works].
  • Drilling & cementing operation services for injection wells by owned rigs, equipment, experts & human resources.
  • Commissioning of injection wells.

Conductor Pipe settings

As it is one of the initial steps in the drilling process of oil wells, Civi Land Co. offer vast range of capability and flexibility to ensure a success in each step of the well drilling process.

Our equipment has the capability to drill, set and cement conductor pipe(20inch,30inch,42inch)Up to the requested depths.

We combine the highest quality drilling equipment with the most experienced and proven Drillers, technicians and supervisors to ensure a safe, reliable and perfect drilling services to our Clients.