Commencement of New Project with Ministry of Electricity : Maintenance of 488 Towers for 400KV Transmission Line from Khur Al Zubair Power Station – Rumaila Gas Power Plant – Nasriya Thermal Power Plant, Iraq

On 2nd of March, 2020, Civi Land Co. started new project with Ministry of Electricity (MoE), State Company for Electricity transmission of Southern Region, Iraq for Maintenance of 400KV Transmission Line for 488 Towers starting from Khur Al Zubair Power station to Rumaila Gas Power Plant and then Rumaila Gas Power Plant to Nasriya Thermal power plant, including changing of damaged Insulators, Washing and cleaning of Insulators etc.

E-house HVAC System, Qurainat , PWD Project . phase 2 – South Rumaila- ROO- BP

Projects Department has started the work of the Project of :
( Qurainat , PWD Project . ph.2 E-house HVAC System Completion Works ) on Wednesday , 24 / July / 2019 for Rumaila Operating Organization – ROO in South Rumaila Oil Field:

Activities as follows but not limited to :
# Brazing all tubes connections between units ,

# Cleaning the tubes by Freon R11 ,

# Pressure Leak Test and drying by N2 ,

# Vacuum of all system tubing ,

# Charging with Freon R 410 A ( NOT sure if the condenser units filled with Freon R 410 A , we will check during the work ) ,

# Completion of insulation of jointing points ( Materials put in this CTR – Foster Coating considered , other insulation materials are available in site ) ,

# Pipe supports ( concrete blocks will be supplied by ROO ) ,

# fit up, joint preparation, soldering, pressure/leak testing, purging and charging with approved refrigerant gas of the refrigerant piping (cooper).

Officially Startup of TRAIN -A /2 stage for MARKAZIA degassing station -South Rumaila- BP-IRAQ

In MARKAZIA degassing station, South Rumalia, 5 Train has been added:

TRAIN –A (V-101)
TRAIN –B (V-201)
TRAIN –C (V-301)
TRAIN –D (V-401)
TRAIN –E (V-501)

Each TRAIN has 3-phase (OIL, GAS & WATER) where each phase works according to its function…
OIL: After passing through several stages to D&D.
GAS: To PCV skid and then leading to BGC (BASRA GAS COMPANY)
WATER: not active yet because of PWD skid under maintenance , so the water flow down to POND as a temporary solution).

At DS04- North Rumaila Piping of Closed Drains to ensure lack of any blockages ,restrictions and flow of drained liquids pass in freely until approaching to closed drain vessel.

We have completed carry out for commissioning activities as per CTP (Commissioning Test Procedures) for piping of Closed Drains to ensure that these piping does not have blockages ,restrictions and flow of drained liquids pass in freely until approaching to closed drain vessel.

Closed Drain Vessel were evacuated from residual water by removing flange blind on bottom of vessel.

Weldin pump was used to drained out all collected water inside pit of closed drain vessel.

Reinstatement was done for all the flange blinds that was required to be removed before doing closed drain checks.