Officially Startup of TRAIN -A /2 stage for MARKAZIA degassing station -South Rumaila- BP-IRAQ

24 July, 2019

In MARKAZIA degassing station, South Rumalia, 5 Train has been added:

TRAIN –A (V-101)
TRAIN –B (V-201)
TRAIN –C (V-301)
TRAIN –D (V-401)
TRAIN –E (V-501)

Each TRAIN has 3-phase (OIL, GAS & WATER) where each phase works according to its function…
OIL: After passing through several stages to D&D.
GAS: To PCV skid and then leading to BGC (BASRA GAS COMPANY)
WATER: not active yet because of PWD skid under maintenance , so the water flow down to POND as a temporary solution).

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