Well Site Supervision Services

(Land, Inland, Offshore, International)

Well site supervision involves the on-site management of drilling, geological, logging, completion and production processes for oil and gas wells, including the adherence to all regulations, policies, rules, and requirements.

Civi Land Co. provides experienced well-site supervisors for all phases of geological, well logging, drilling, completion, workover, rigless remedial work, and operations with 25 to 40 years applied industry experience, highly-trained, self-motivated individuals with a commitment to teamwork, and the ability to meet the challenges and needs of our clients that includes:

  • Geological Supervision
  • Well logging supervision
  • Well Site Drilling Supervision
  • Workover/Completion
  • Rigless Supervision
  • QHSE Supervision

All well-site supervisors maintain Bachelor’s degree in required discipline, current IADC/IWCF Well CAP certification, Safe Gulf/Safe Land and HUET + METS training certifications as required.

Our supervisors are a loyal group of experienced individuals, motivated to always represent our company and clients in the most reputable way possible.

Production Operations Services

For the Oil & Gas processing facilities, Civi Land Co. provides highly experienced staff that includes but not limited to:

  • CPF Operation Team leaders
  • CPFControl room Foremen
  • Control room Operators
  • Facility Foremen
  • Field Operators
  • Pumping stations Foremen
  • Pumping stations Facilities operators
  • Troubleshooting and repair Team Leaders
  • Operation technicians (Mechanical)
  • Operation technicians (Electrical)
  • Operation technicians (Instrument)
  • Laborers

Our personnel has experienced to handle the equipment but not limited to the following:

CPF-Central Processing Facility:

Inlet Manifold from the facility-well pads, Crude oil Processing: Multiport flow selector skid and test separator, Sour crude separators, Non-sour crude separator,Test Separator, Oil-oil heat exchangers, Medium-oil heat exchangers, Water-water heat exchangers, Dehydration pumps,Electrostatic Dehydrators, Electrostatic DE salters, Recycle pumps, Gas boot, Off-spec gas boot, Storage tank, Off-spec oil tank, Skim Tank, Water draw-off pumps, Off-spec oil pumps, Transfer pumps, Chemical injection skids and systems, Heating Desecrator Skid,Gas Processing System:HP gas compressor package, LP gas compressor package, LP gas separator, Condensate separator, Condensate pumps, Produced Water Treatment & Water Disposal & Injection System, Interface Pipelines, Skimming & buffer Tanks, Oil Recovery Tank, Oil Recirculation Pump, Suspend Sludge Filter, Flocculation Chemical Injection Skid, Coagulation Chemical Injection Skid. Purification Agent Chemical Injection Skid, Biocide Dosage Chemical Injection Skid, Booster Pump. Water Disposal Pump, Sludge Sump Tank, Oil Sump Tank and Sump Pump, Fire Fighting System. Utility System: HP/LP Flare system, HP/LP Flare system, Fuel gas system, Instrument air system Nitrogen system, Diesel fuel system, Chemical injection system, Open and closed drain system Heat medium system, Fresh water supply system, Sewage treatment system,  Power Distribution System, Control System, Telecommunication System, Cathodic Protection System, Fire and Gas Detection system of CPF,  Crude Oil Lines, export line to tie in point, Pigging of Crude oil Pipeline.

pumps station: Booster pump, Export pump, Metering skid, OD system, Water injection system.

Feed Pump

Corrosion inhibitor Injection Skid, Oxygen scavenger Injection Skid, Biocide Injection Skid

Gas lifting system, GLP Compressor, Methanol injection skid, Corrosion inhibitor Injection skid