Featured Logistics & General Transportation Services Projects

Sl No.Client’s Name Project Name Date of Services Location Duration of Service
1 Oil Serv. Logisticsupport with ENI as sub-contractor for Oil Serv. for provision of 4 workover rigs for Integrated workover services for 80 wells 2015 Zubair Oilfield Ongoing
2 Eastern National Oil filed Services (ENOS) Fuel & Water Transportation. Security &Logistic services 2006 West Qurna1,Rumaila, Buzrgan, Zubair&Tuba fields Ongoing
3 Khuff Energy for General Trading and Contracting Logistic services 2006 Zubair -Burjissyia Ongoing
4 Oil Serv. Fuel Transportation Jan,2013 North Rumaila camp 1year
5 Khuff Energy for General Trading and Contracting Company. Kuwait-Iraq Branch Provision of logistics services forWire line logging project. 2010-11 Rumaila, WQ-1, Zubair&NahrUmer Oil fields 2 years