Featured Electrical Services Projects

Sl No.Client’s Name Project Name Date of Services Location Duration of Service
1 Schlumberger Middle EastS.A Generators: Upgrade, connection to the ESP facilities repair and Maintenance 2013-15 Zubair, Buzerganand Halfaya Oil fields 3 Years
2 Gulf Energy Oman Generators, Supply, Installation, repair ,Maintenance andafter sale services 2012-13 Zubair, Buzerganand Halfaya Oil fields 1.5 years
3 A.HAK Cathodic Protection for brake line valves (32 inch Majnoon - Zubair 1 pipelines) In Fao Island (ICOEEP Iraq Crude oil export expansion projects) 2012 Fao Depot. Zubair-Majnoon Pipelines Zubair, and Majnoon Oil fields 3 years
4 Basra Governorate 1-Rehabilitation of Electricity networks, intake to the airport which connects Al-Hamar power station to the Airport

2- The project of Improvement and development of Electricity netwroks in Al Qiblah District

3-The project of rehabilitation and development of Electricity netwroks in AL Emam Al- Sadiq area
2010-13 Basra Province 4 years
5 Alhilal united group / Directorate of Government contracts / Basra Governorate Infrastructures Projects Sep.2010- Feb.2012 Basra Province 17 Months
6 Bertoli Operation and Maintenance of Generators
2009 Maintenance all over Iraq 10 months
7 GRS Sweet Water Canal Power Line 33KV 2007 Rumila CPS power station and pumping station at AL-Malha-Basra 5 months
8 Energy Transmission Projects ( ETP ) / Ministry of Electricity ( MOE ) / Iraq Infrastructure Projects October 2007 – Nov. 2007 Shalamja/Basra Hartha/Basra 4 Months
9 ETP / Ministry Of Electricity / Iraq Infrastructures rehabilitation April 2006 – April 2007 Khor /Hartha Basra-Iraq 12 Months
10 Babil /Karbala 132 KV line(PCO) EPC/Sub-contractor
March 2004 Babil/Karbala 9 months