Featured Civil Works Services Projects

Sl No.Client’s Name Project Name Date of Services Location Duration of Service
1 Qouat Alfiras General trading, contracting, public transportation, oil services company Construction of Roads, Earth and Civil works 2012-2013 Majnoon Oil Field 11 -South Of Iraq 1.5 years
2 A.HAK Civil Works In Fao Island (ICOEEP Iraq Crude oil export expansion projects)
Civil works for brake line valves (32 inch Majnoon - Zubair 1 pipelines)
2012 Fao Depot. Zubair-Majnoon Pipelines Zubair, and Majnoon Oil fields 3 years
3 Khuff Energy for General Trading and Contracting Civil works & Construction of Khuff Base in Burjissayia
5, July 2013 Zubair -Burjissyia 2 months
4 Petronor Group Co. Iraq Zubair Oil Field-Energy City Civil Works 24 May, 2015 Zubair Oil Field-Energy City 2 months
5 HALLIBURTON WORLDWIDE LIMITED Remodeling and safe walk way Construction Services
Dec, 2016 Burjisia-Halliburton Base 4Months
6 Petrojet /Samsung Hammar Degassing Station Civil Work services 2016-17 Zubair oil field-Iraq-Basra 6 months
7 Oil Serv. Civilworks provision of 4 workover rigs for 80 wells
2015 Zubair Oilfield-Iraq -Basra Ongoing